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Kortonjolaan 12
5644KA Eindhoven
M: +31 6 21 55 61 25


28. August 2009, after an illustration workshop in Troisdorf, Germany, Lorna Egan, Justo G. Pulido, Antje Herzog, Elke Hanisch, Thomas Haubold und Emmeke van der Put decide to found their illustrator's club IlluSalon. On a regulary base they debate on their work and anything relating to that.

Emmeke designed the logo (2012-2018) for the Illustrators Festival "illu" which was initiated and organized 2012 by her, Antje Herzog, Elke Hanisch, Martin Schlierkamp, Boris Servais, Daniel Schreiber and Ruth Zadow. After being a big succes, every two year a new team organizes the "illu" showing the work of about 50 professionel illustrators covering the fields of design and advertising, comic, fiction and non-fiction, art and editorial in Cologne, Germany during a weekend.

Mariette Holshuijsen, Marion Hanssen, Judith Wong and Emmeke van der Put from Stratum, Eindhoven, are putting themselves and other freelancers in all fields on the map in their own neighbourhood.


Broodfonds (English: "Bread fund") is a Dutch collective that allows independent entrepreneurs to provide each other with temporary sick leave. Emmeke is a member of Broodfonds040.
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